Monday, May 23, 2016

What a Week!

I was on the water 5 out of the last 7 days from the Little J to the Tully, we even spent a day fishing out of the boat. The fishing has continued to be fantastic. Sulphurs are around but all the fish still seem to be keying in on caddis. They are taking the pupas all day long, and when the opportunity to eat an adult floats by they take that as well. The water is at a perfect level just about everywhere but with all the rain look for the Tully to go up soon. If you are in the state college area, the Sulphurs are still coming off strong and there have been sightings of Drakes on many different creeks. The stoneflies are starting to crawl towards the banks, sot they won't be long either.

Hot Flies: CDC Sulphur Dun, Bird of Prey Caddis, Primetime Caddis Pupa, CDC Bubble Back Caddis, CDC Caddis.

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  1. Some great fish and from all the reports I'm beginning to think we picked the wrong week. I'll be down there starting Wednesday. Hoping to hit the Little J which would be a first for us. Mostly fish Spring and Penns. Thanks for sharing.