Saturday, December 31, 2016

Periodic Spring Creek Trips

Over the summer I took a few mornings off from the warm water game to chase some spring creek trout. These photos have been hiding amongst dozens of smallmouth pictures, I think it is a great time to show them off before we welcome in the new year. I have and always will love spring creeks no matter how many times I want to throw my rod in the mud or curse at a large unwilling trout that refuses to take my fly. There are small victories and lessons each time on the water, some how I feel its amplified on a spring creek because you have to get it all right to make it count. Over the years we have put some beautiful trout in the net, and these few photos continue the tradition. They aren't all huge monsters that some people need to catch to feel accomplished, but they are a combination of size and color, each with their own story to tell. That is what makes me keep coming back!

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  1. It looks beautiful and shows how artistic is God, I have never seen this spieces in my life. Glad to see this post, thank you for sharing it