Sunday, December 18, 2016

Plan B

It seemed that the whole trip started to crumble as we were leaving. People backed out, mother nature said no, and the campground shut down on us. So Rob and I were left to decided what to do. After countless text messages to friends and phone calls that seemed to never stop, we finally decided to head to State College and fish the little J and Spruce creek. I have always loved the little J and never fished spruce before so it was going to be fun. As Andy said "lets just go fish for steelhead locally" he wasn't kidding. Oh yeah and Rob kinda might have broke his toe so there wasn't much hiking in the forecast for us, so that limited us too. So Rob and I fished the little J together in the snow/rain/wind and got into some fish, then Andy meet up with us for some BBQ and late evening fishing. Day 2 was our day on Spruce, if you haven't done it, you need to. There are plenty of fish, both wild and stocked and they eat flies very very well :). Unlike some stocked private water, these fish have a regular diet of insects both nymphs and adults(with a side of food pellets), so they actually feed like they are supposed to. I have some great guide friends that have access to some beautiful private water. Day 3, well that one kinda sucked, I got sick so after a 3 hour car ride home I spent the rest of the day sleeping. Take a look at the pictures, thank you Andy and Kyle for the hospitality. You may also want to check Kyle's blog out The Fishing Flow, its awesome.

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