Sunday, May 15, 2011

Featured Fly - Parachute Sulphur

The Sulphur has to be one of my favorite hatches to fish. These bugs can be as large as a size 12 down to a size 20, with the most popular sizes on the Tully being 16 and 18. These bugs have started hatching and fish are starting to realize it!

I like to fish the Parachute Sulphur for a few reasons; first being the profile that it has on the water. This pattern sits low in the water and the hackle adds little dimples to imitate legs. The second reason being they are super easy to see. With the ability to change the color of the post you can have it as bright as Fl. Chartreuse.

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Parachute Sulphur
Hook: TMC 100 sz. 14 - 20
Thread: UNI Thread 8/0 - Yellow
Tail: Wapsi Mayfly Tails - Dun
Abdomen:  Goose Biots - Sulphur Yellow
Post: Hareline Para Post - Yellow
Hackle: Whiting - Grizzly & Dun
Thorax: East Coast Dubbing - Sulphur Yellow

Start a thread base from behind the hook eye back to right before the hook bend. Once you get the tread to the back of the hook make a few turns forming a small thread ball. This will help with splitting the tail fibers.

Cut 4 Mayfly tails and tie in above the tread ball, tying them back to the thread ball will help split them to both sides. Wrap the thread through the middle to help flair them out to the either side.

Wrap your thread back about 3/4 the way up the shank and tie in a clump of Para Post material forward. Once it is tied make a small thread dam in front then wrap 4 or 5 times up the post making it stronger at the base.

Take 2 whiting dry fly hackle feathers, one grizzly and one dun and tie them in at the bottom of the post

Tie in your goose biot

Wrap it forward making a rib effect on the body.

Dub up to the post.

Wrap your hackle around the post 3 to 4 times. Once you have this around fold the feathers back and tie to hook shank.

Once you tie the feathers off make a few more turns of dubbing in front of the post to fill out the thorax.

Trim the post down to a nice length and whip finish!

2 done and ready to fish!
A nice brown fooled by a Parachute Sulphur 

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