Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Guiding

This past weekend I had 3 trips: 2 on Valley Creek and 1 on the Tulpehocken Creek. Valley was a little off color after the past few days of rain, but it was still very productive for my clients. Early in the morning the fish were keyed in on emerging caddis, so the dry dropper rig was the key. Starting with a CDC Caddis on top with either a caddis larva or caddis pupa fly pattern below did the trick. With fish rising regularly in the afternoon, we stuck with just a single caddis dry and occasionally put a dropper on.

The Tully was and is still at 794 cfs. Despite that, my clients decided to go for it and were rewarded for their decision. We stayed down river, where we had fish rising all night to caddis and sulphurs. The hot flies of the night were: CDC Caddis (both tan and green), CDC Sulphurs, Z-Wing caddis, and the Sugar Daddy.

Here are a few Pictures from the stream. Enjoy!
Josh with a nice Valley brown

Josh with another nice brown fooled by a CDC Caddis

Spencer with a well deserved Tully Brown

A little Tully bug life   

Oliver with a nice brown fooled my a Parachute Sulphur

Nice picture of the river

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