Friday, May 27, 2011

The Tully by Boat

Joe and I have have been down the Tully 3 times now. For one of the floats I had Dillon come up from Maryland. We floated at 800cfs; it was not very productive, though we did land one fish that night on a pheasant tail nymph. We got out early and had lots of time to float, stopping and dropping the anchor a few times. It was a very nice evening with a bit of rain showers early on. The fog rolled in making for a few great photos.

Two nights ago Joe and I decided that after a long day of working in the shop we would do a shorter float. We put in at Rebers bridge and didn't make it more than a 100 yards before we found a pod of fish feeding on Caddis and Sulphurs as they hatched and hit the water. As we continued down towards the Refrigerator hole, we saw a few fish rising; Joe made a few casts as we floated by and stuck one more nice brown. Arriving at the Paper Mill flats just before dark we saw fish rising but had a tough time seeing once we got over top of them. I hit one more before we headed to the take out. All in all an excellent evening!

Hot flies for the evening : CDC Caddis Green & Biot Body Parachute Sulphur Yellow

Other great patterns to use this time of year are : CDC Sulphur Yellow, CDC Hackle Sulphur, CDC Caddis Tan, and Elk Hair Caddis Tan or Green 

This time of year when fish are not rising well I will stick with an indicator rig, using anything caddis or sulphur. Life-like caddis larva, Z-Wing caddis, Pheasant tail nymph, or TCO Sulphur nymph.

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