Thursday, August 4, 2011

Delaware Team Meeting

This past weekend the TCO family met at the West Branch Angler for our annual company meeting to discuss the past year, and of course fish!

Paul, George, Trevor, Joe, and I all left a day early to get up there on Saturday to get a preview of the next 2 days. Joe and I arrived at the Dream Catcher Lodge around 6pm and were unpacked and geared up casting to our first risers by 6:20. Joe's Winston BiiiX was the first rod bent on the trip with a solid West Branch brown that took him into his backing. It wasnt long before I was hooked up with a younger fish to start off the trip. Once we could not see anymore we got the call from Paul that they were about 10 minutes out, so we took off to get some late night food and laughs.

Sunday we all woke up and headed to the West Branch Angler were we were meet by Jim Lewis and Lenny from the Bryn Mawr store. George and Trevor decided to use good time management and started nymphing while the rest of us waited with arms crossed for a few rising fish. Needless to say their time was well spent. It was awesome to see George and Trever work over a few nice fish. Patience paid off for Joe and I, we each had one nice fish to hand on Sulphurs.

After our Monday meeting with Simms we all headed back to the river till dark. Paul, George, Trevor, and Jim all headed up to the Dream Catcher to fish the water in front of the lodge for the evening while Lenny stayed at the West Branch while Joe and I moved the Jeep and trailer to the take out. As we pulled back up to give Lenny his car and launch the boat, we were greeted by a well bent Scott S4 in Lenny's hand with a solid brown stuck to the sulphur emerger at the end of the tippet.

We launched the boat and away we went. We didnt get far before Joe had a 20+ incher to the boat. The next hour we had 2 more solid fish to the boat with a few smaller ones. We Floated from West Branch Angler to Balls Eddy. It was an awesome float we had a few more fish to the boat. As the sun set the fog rolled in and we floated to the take out.

I had the great opportunity to fish the new Sage One this past weekend. A longer review to come, but here are a few quick notes. This rod is replacing the much favored Z Axis, it is a very smooth rod with good backbone to really bomb line. I had no problem working and holding fish in the 20inch range and the tip has great action and protected my 6x and 7x tippet very well. I didn't break a single fish off, with plenty of leverage to raise fish into the net off the boat. This rod will be available later this year.

Hot Patterns: Sulphur Emerger 18-20, CDC Sulphur Dun 18-20, CDC BWO 18-24, and Pheasant Tails 16-20

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