Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Featured Fly - Zuddler Minnow

The Zuddler minnow has to be one of if not my favorite streamers for trout as well as bass. This streamer pretty much does it all, just by changing the colors of the materials you can mimic just about any bait fish. The one thing I like about this fly is that it can also be tied on a tube, I not only use these tube variations for Steelhead and Browns in the Great Lakes but Smallmouth on the Schuylkill also seem to enjoy them just as well. This pattern can be tied in as little as 5 minutes making it very effective to fish as well as tie. I am a huge fan of quick and effective and this fly has it all. I tie mine with a tungsten cone so that you do not need to have a sinking line to fish these flies deep. Enjoy!!!

Hooks: TMC 5263 sz. 6-8
Thread: UNI Thread 6/0 and GPS 100
Head: Tungsten Cone Heads 
Collar: Short Fine Deer Body Hair 
Legs: Wapsi Sili Legs
Gills: Red Ice Dub
Body: Ice Dub 
Back/Tail: Magnum Rabbit Zonker 
Slide tungsten cone head onto hook.

Make a thread base going back to the top of the hook bend. Tie in about a 3" piece of Magnum rabbit zonker.

Dub the body with Ice Dub (color of choice) slowly tapering the body to the cone head.

Add the Gills by picking out some red Ice Dub and folding it in half. Tie in and trim to about a half inch.

Tie zonker in behind cone head.

Tie in 2 Sili legs (Fire Tips) behind the cone head. These should be the some length as the over all fly.

Tie off the 6/0 UNI and start the GPS 100( this is very strong and helps with spinning the deer hair). Spin in deer hair. I normally spin in 2 clumps one on top and one on bottom, this helps fill out the head more.

Trim the butt sections on the deer hair, making a nice even collar behind the cone.

Whip finish... and go fishing!
This nice Schuylkill River Smallmouth is just one of many that have been fooled by the Zuddler this year.
One of my clients Dan Shaffer fooled this nice smallmouth this an Olive Zuddler

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