Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall TCO Steelhead Camp

This past weekend Joe and I hosted our first 2 day all inclusive steelhead trip. We started each day around 6:30 after a hot cup of coffee, Joe took 2 clients for a nice walk through the DSR in pursuit of a few nice chrome fish. While I floated the other 2 from Altmar to Pineville in the boat. Each day we stopped along the stream and fired up the cookers to served hot soup and sandwiches. When it was all done and the boat was back on the trailer, we met the others at the house for another hot meal, a couple cold beverages and a few fish stories. The next morning we got up and did it all over again!

The fishing was tough but fun was had by all. Here are a few pictures from my camera; I will have more when we get all the pictures together.

Nice Hen Steelhead

Carl with one in the boat!
Getting ready for a day in the DSR
Getting ready to head to the river

Bob and Carl enjoying a nice hot stream side lunch

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