Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Featured Fly - Hot Head Prince

This is an Umpqua pattern that I really like for fall/winter Steelhead and Brown trout fishing. It can be tied in a few different sizes, from a 14 - 10. The original prince nymph is a deadly pattern for trout; put it on a 2457 curved shank hook and add a hot bead to it and you have an amazing Steelhead fly.


Hook:  TMC 2457 sz. 14 -10
Thread: UNI Thread 6/0 - Black or Olive
Bead:  Cyclops Bead - Fl. Orange or Fl. Pink 
Tail: Goose Biots - Brown
Rib: Ultra Wire - Copper
Body: 3 Peacock Herls
Legs: Round Rubber Legs - Brown 
Wings: Goose Biots - White
Throat: Partridge Feather
Collar: Peacock Herls

Step 1: Slide Beadhead on. Make a thread base halfway down the hook bend

Step 2: Tie in 2 goose biots for the tail. Add a small thread ball to the hook before tying the biots this helps flair them out more.
 Step 3: Tie in 3 peacock herls and the ultra wire. Tie back to the start of the goose biots.

 Step 4: Wrap the peacock herls to the back of the bead. Leave herls attached they will be used later for the collar.

Step 5: Wrap the Ultra wire up to the bead.

 Step 6: Tie in rubber legs on each side forming a V on either side.
 Step 7: Tie in the goose biots to make the wings. You can either tie them over lapping or side by side.

Step 8: Add a throat using a partridge feather. Tie this in my the tip and wrap 2 or 3 times.

 Step 9: Trim the partridge feather so that it is only on the under body.

 Step 10: Wrap the peacock herls 2 times between the rubber legs. Then again 2 times in the front forming a collar. Cut the extra off and Whip Finish.

The Finished Product!!!

Here are 2 fish that feel to the Hot Head Prince this fall...

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