Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Salmon River Float

This past weekend Joe and I headed north with my boat in tow. Our plan was to float from Altmar to Pineville, hopefully find a few fish, and check the river for any changes since last spring.  Once we had the boat in the water and headed downstream, we realized that the only obstacles that we would be dodging would be crowds of people and other boats. With the water level at 335 cfs and the weather in the high 50s, the fishing pressure was all but high. Joe and I floated most of the afternoon, doing a bit more floating than fishing, and at the end of the day Joe landed one huge King Salmon.  The good news is we did see a lot of fish throughout the float.

Monday was another beautiful day; Lenny drove up to try his hand at a steelhead or 2. Lenny and I hit the river at first light. The pressure was less than the day before but still we had to float past a few of my favorite spots.  Despite all the people and the slow day we had Sunday, I had high hopes. It was about half way through the float right about the time Lenny had given up hope on even seeing a steelhead when I hooked the first one. Not long after that I had one in the net--first steelhead in my boat! Lenny hooked 2 more but we only had one to the net all day.

After we finished up I headed down to the DSR for a couple hours before having to meet up with Joe after he dropped off his clients. It was a slow evening for me; I hooked 2 fish and only got one to the beach. 

Here are a few photos from the weekend:


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