Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring is Almost Here

Thank you Mr. Stricker for sharing your flies. This one thought they looked good
2 more days on the river has made me realize spring is coming, and coming fast. Yesterday Leland and I headed up to the Water-Works to try it again. We were reworded with a few awesome fish, the water is warming slowly,but just enough to get the bigger holdovers moving. Midges and prince nymphs seem to be producing the most fish, with worms and smaller attractor patterns not far behind. There has also been reports of fish keying in on little black stones on the lower sections of the river.

Even with wet conditions yesterday, the water stayed clear and low just long enough for Joey and I to get into a couple fish today. The cold and over cast day had midges all over the place, fish were starting to rise consistently to them. About that time the nice people at the dam decided to raise the water cutting our day short.

 Hot Flies: Prince Nymph, Zebra Midge, Sugar Daddy, New Prince, San Juan Worms

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