Saturday, April 14, 2012

Featured Fly - Mixed Up Emerger

This is a fly that I came up with last year. It is a combination of Weamer's Berks Emerger and Henry's Half and Half Emerger. The first time I used it was last year on the West Branch of the Delaware during a high water Hendrickson hatch. It was a fast tie that I did after talking to Paul from our State College store, he said "have emergers; and lots of them", and so I stated tying. Then later that year I tied the same style fly for Sulphurs, Olives, and PMDs, all worked well. So here it is...

Hook: TMC 2487 sz. 12-18
Thread: UNI Thread 8/0 - (color to match dubbing)
Shuck: Antron - Gold or Brown
Rib: Ultra Wire - Copper, Red, Gold
Abdomen: Pheasant Tail - Natural
Wing: CDC - Drk. Dun or Med. Dun
Thorax: East Coast Dubbing - Hendrickson Pink, Sulphor Yellow

Step 1: Tie in the Antron shuck, tying about 2/3rds down the hook bend.

Step 2: Move the thread back to the top, tie in 4-5 Pheasent tail fibers. Tying down to the start of the Antron.

Step 3: Move thread back to top, tie in Ultra Wire.

Step 4: Wrap the Pheasant Tail fibers 3/4s the way up the hook.

Step 5: Wrap the Ultra Wire forward, making a rib trough the Pheasant Tail.

Step 6: Make 1 wrap of dubbing in front of the Pheasant Tail. Stack 2 or 3 CDC feathers, tying in front of the dubbing wrap.

Step 7:  Cut CDC feathers, Dub a head, wrapping the dubbing forward to the back of the hook eye.

Step 8: Whip finish, and trim Antron tail.

Finished: Here are 2 other variations of the fly, PMD & Sulphur

This Brown fell to a Mixed Up Sulphur last August on the West Branch

This guys fell to a Mixed Up Hendrickson a couple weeks ago on Penn's Creek

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