Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tully Report

The fishing this week has been steady, fish have been very selective with the low water. Fish are looking up through-out the river, midges seem to be their main diet at this point, we have had success with cream, grey, olive, and black midge imitations.

This Monday I had my second trip of the season; it was originally scheduled as a float trip, however, even with my boat the Tully is too low. So we started out working the Water-Works, fishing was good, we battles high winds, so most of the fishing was done subsurface. We broke for lunch around , making the decision to stay there rather than move to another spot we headed back out after a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

About 40 mins later, Keith Orr yelled I got a nice one (joking with his son Mike, thinking it was a large sucker), I didn’t hear anything but "nice one" so I headed up with the net. As I saw the fish flash I knew it was a good fish; then Keith proceeded to tell me it was just a sucker and he was trying to get it off. About that time the fish came to the surface, it was a really nice fish.

Hot Flies: Zebra Midge, Sugar Daddy, Bird of Prey Caddis, Blood Midge, Life-Like Caddis, Midge Pop


  1. dude! where was that last one hiding?!?!?!

  2. nevermind...something in the background gave it away ;)