Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tulpehocken Creek Report 04/22

I have been on the Tully the past 3 days, the water is low (as you all know), the fishing pressure is high, and caddis are flying high.

Friday was a great day to be on the water, caddis were on the water and the fish knew it, fishing a caddis dry with a pupa suspended in the film seemed to work the best for me. Yesterday I had a half day trip, finding a place to fish was easy at first light, but as the morning progressed the fishing pressure picked up drastically.

This morning, Steve (the mailman), and I hit the river around 8:30am, it was a very productive day yet again. With all the talk of rain and storms, the fishing pressure was manageable, caddis were emerging all morning and the fishing was really good. I stuck with the same rig I've used the past couple days; CDC Caddis with a Z-Wing under. It was about 50-50 on the dropper or dry. Steve was fishing an emerger he came up with; also having great success.

Hot Flies: CDC Caddis (Tan & Green), Bird of Prey Caddis, Pop Caddis, Z-Wing Caddis


  1. I saw you guiding him haha sorry if this comment pisses you off since me and franky are always pestering you at the shop

    1. Haha, no way man, if you were up in the riffle (I think I saw you),you were no bother :). its a public stream, everyone is welcome.