Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exploration and Brown Trout

Last week Joey and I decided to check out a small stream outside of Reading. There were rumors that this stream was full of wild browns, not to sure if it even has a name. Anyway we showed up kinda early and got right to it, looking up stream I saw a few fish (not sure if trout or cubs at this point) rising to caddis. As we got closer, we realized rumors where true. We had a great couple hours bush whacking along the bank, stopping at every hole we came to. Small stream fishing can be tough but it can also be very rewarding. These fish seemed to really like CDC Caddis, anything that looked like a caddis pupa, and small pheasant tails.


Hot Flies: CDC Caddis, Para Adams, Pheasant Tails, Caddis Pupa, Caddis Larva

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  1. Is it a section of willow creek because i know part of that is a class a wild trout water or is it the wyomissing creek ?