Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wild Fish Have It All

This past weekend, Steve "The Mailman" Nelson and I made a trip to the West Branch. The forecast looked good, even with a bit of rain in it; rain often means BWOs and maybe a few Sulphurs. Turns out lots and lots of rain means nothing at all, we fished all day with very few bugs coming off, and even fewer fish coming up for them. Despite that we managed to get into a few fish, using tactics some would frown upon, nymphing. Hey fish gotta eat :)

A couple days before, you could find Joey and I on one of our new favorite small wild brown trout streams. We took the big camera hoping to get a few really nice shots.

Here are a bunch of photos from both trips, Enjoy:

Am I fishing, or waiting for a rise? Either way that was a comfy rock 

Joey, showing us his stealthy tactics 

Beautiful Wild brown that fell to a pheasant tail nymph 

Pheasant Tail doing work. 

Beautiful Wild Delaware brown fell to a Sulphur Emerger 

This Rainbow fell to a soft hackle Sulphur in the fast water

This fish made my trip (for those of you that don't know I have a sick obsession for wild Rainbows)

Steve "The Mailman" Nelson, working hard in the rain

This brown fell to a Sulphur Spinner with a Orange egg sack 

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