Thursday, May 10, 2012

West Branch Weekend

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of fishing with 2 shop regulars, Bob Burnham and Rob Stillwell. We headed up first thing Sunday morning, with my boat in tow. I decided with the water flowing around 575 cfs at Hale Eddy, the best bet would be to float from there down to Balls Eddy. It was a tough day of fishing, high sun, small numbers of bugs, and not to many fish up feeding. Despite all that, the high sun got just enough caddis flying to get a few fish up. Bob and Rob both made the few shots they had count. Later in the day there was a hendrickson spinner fall that had a good number of fish up and feeding. We rowed out, just as dark rolled in.

So that night I decided sleeping in the back of my jeep would be a good idea. Fishing on Monday was very spotty, the conditions were the exact opposite as the day before; no sun, lots of wind, and some rain. That being said, there were a few caddis flying around, again just enough to get a couple fish up in a back channel. Later that night I met up with Steve, it was slow fishing and neither of us had much action until the last 2 hours of light. Around 6 everything went crazy, Hendricksons, March Browns, Sulphurs, and Caddis littered the water.

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