Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Schuylkill River Guiding

Well I'm back from MT, that means only one thing, Schuylkill River time. I've been on the river a good bit since I've been back. The water was a bit off color the first couple days, but with no rain, the water is super clear and super low. But who care about that when the fishing is so good. The water temps are falling into the mid 60s now, fish have started to get "attitudes" when you hook them. Drifting crayfish and hellgrammites under and indicator has been working well for us. Steamers striped slow and steady have also been working well.

Here are some pictures from my last 3 guide trips:

Look the Schuk does have crayfish!

Zuddler Minnow doing work

Stanley "who me" with a beautiful Schulkill River Smallmouth  
Hot Flies: Zuddler Minnow, Murdich Minnow, Crayfish, Hellgrammite,

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