Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tricos, I am not fishing Tricos! Ok Maybe

That is what I said when we got the report from Headhunters fly shop in Craig MT. But hey who can argue with 20+ inch rainbows rising to tricos, yup that wouldn't be me, the trico went on.

The last 3 days Jared and I fished 3 more rivers, Gallatin, Missouri, and Copper Creek. This trip was the first time I was able to spend a significant time on the Gallatin, and it was work every chilling, wet wading second. I think the coolest thing was Jared yelling "Dude this is a GOOD fish", as I turned around my eyes connected with a beautiful airborne brown trout. Hoppers, streamers, nymphs, it made no difference, the trout wanted to eat. After that it was off to Craig where we rented a drift boat for the ext 2 days on the Mo, Tricos, caddis, Ants, Hoppers, and Zebra Midges. I love that river, its huge, full of beautiful fish, and wide open every direction you look. After Day one on the Mo, I was outside the motel drinking a beer, one of the shop guys sparked a conversation on his way back to get a beer for himself. Interested in fishing for cutthroat? UMMM Hell yeah I am, after a few beers with the shop guys behind the shop "secret spot" Jared and I were off for a day of small stream Westslope Cutthroat, that will eat the biggest ugliest hoppers and foam flies you can throw. Ill take that.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures.

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  1. Great pics, Great post.