Friday, August 3, 2012

Featured Fly - Hellgrammite

This go around, I have decided to do a hellgrammite pattern that is a spin off of Mike Mercer's Rag Hellgrammite. There isn't much difference between the two patterns. I simply changed the legs and I only used one bead. Either way, this fly has been working very well for me this bass season, with some of the larger bass taken on this pattern under an indicator.

Hook: TMC 200R sz. 8-6
Body: E-Z Bug - Grey, Olive, Brown 
Legs: Round Rubber Legs - Black 
UnderBody: Any Dubbing - Olive Yellow
Bead: Tungston Bomb Bead  - Black
Pinchers:  Goose Biots - Black 
Shellback: Loon UV Knot Sense 

Step 1: Slide Bead onto hook, Wrap thread back to the bend of the hook, Tie in a 2 inch section of E-Z Bug.

Step 2: Dub the underbody about 1/2 way to the bead.

Step 3: Tie in rubber legs on both sides of the hook.   

Step 4: Dub around the legs pushing the back.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4.

Step 6: Bring the E-Z Bug forward, tie behind the bead.

Step 7: Tie in 2 goose biots on either side of the bead. Forming Pinchers.

Step 8: Make a shell back using a UV curing product.

Step 9: Add a couple strands of UV Krystal Flash.

Step 10: Hit the UV goo with a light, trim the krystal flash, whip finish.

Finished Product:

Hellgrammite fly pattern nicely placed in a Schuylkill River Smallmouth bass