Friday, October 5, 2012

Give the Little Guys a Chance

With the Tully flowing at 1200 and the Schuylkill at 2600, I decided to take a look at one of the smaller streams near by. The water was a bit off color but still fishable, so on the hopper went with a small pheasant tail off the back. Not sure why I decided to put a hopper on but it was the right choice, the PT off the back worked well, but there is nothing like a fish exploding on a hopper even if its only 10 inches.

The Tully is back down to a fishable level, 325cfs this morning now down to 244cfs. Fish are eating caddis on top, and midges, black and red underneath. 

One of my favorites 

Rain can fog up the camera lens but its still a pretty brown 
Small Streambank Hopper hidden inside this guys mouth

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