Monday, October 22, 2012

Oak Orchard

Well I'm back from NY now, it was a great trip. The crowds were high, water was perfect and the fish were there and ready to bite. I spent 3 days on the Oak this past week, as you know from my pervious post. The fishing was great, tough but great, with so much fishing pressure the choice of fly definitely seemed to matter a bit more this go around. Anything small and black seemed to be the ticket, my hot flies for this trip were all related to a black stonefly, below you will see a couple examples. Ill let the pictures tell the rest of the story.


Steve with a nice Oak Orchard Brown Trout
Steve with an awesome Oak Orchard Brown Trout

Oak Orchard Steelhead  
Not Huge, but man was she pretty 
Great Lakes Steelhead Flies 
Steelhead Tube Flies
Great Lakes Steelhead Nymphs

Sandy Creek Steelhead, First Steelhead of the season 

Peter with a hog of a Brown Trout

Nice Sandy Creek Brown Trout

My monster


  1. I fished the oak today as well. Didn't do as well as you. Good job man..