Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Great Lakes Weekend

Well after a nice joke by they guys, landing me an extra 20 mins away, somehow I still ended up at a Hampton Inn with no windows or a paved parking lot. Mean while from across the street Joey, Leland, and Gavin, were looking out the window laughing. HA nice guys. I made it up to the room, to instantly hear stories from the day. Sounded like an awesome day, they fish Sandy Creek, Browns, Steelhead, and even a Domestic Rainbow. Here are a couple shots from Joeys Camera, thats buddy. Also Check out his blog for more photos: Joey's Blog

The next morning we decided to hit the Oak, well it looked like everyone in NY had the same idea, we walked all the way to the dam and back to the parking lot, just to find one small spot to fish. Well we were there and didn't have all day, so we fished. It was pretty good, white steamers, eggs, and brown stoneflies were the ticket. After about 2 hours of that it was off to Sandy again, same program, a million and one people, but we found open water and made it count.

Leaving early to go help my sister move, I had plans to fish the Salmon River on Monday, I got a late start but fished till I couldn't see anything. I fished for about 3 hours and had decent action, moving around a couple times to find open water. Once I found it, Stoneflies, and Sucker Spawn did the trick.


  1. ah! can't believe you let them punk you out like that. just tell them paybacks are a bitch, haha. looks like you guys had a good time.