Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guiding and Exploring

This past weekend I had the pleasure of fishing in a blizzard with a great Bryn Mawr customer Mark Johnson and his buddy straight from Texas Tony. We looked at the forecast and it said 4 to 6 inches of snow, perfect steelhead weather. Well after the fist 6 inches came down, we just laughed and kept of fishing. The fishing was pretty good considering. we ended the day with 3 hook ups in about 40 minutes. Only one of those fish made it to hand, but like the others from earlier in the day, they all jumped and we got eyes on every one. It was awesome!

More pictures to come.

Chip was up for a few days, trying some new stuff, finding it very successful. Kyle and his brother were also up this weekend, they fished with Chip on Saturday and Kyle got is first ever steelhead, on the swing at that. Way to go Buddy.

After driving through the blizzard Monday morning, I found myself at Chris's house with my eight weight and my sinking line. We were off to Jersey to try to find a couple stripers. We were only successful in finding a couple new spots for the spring. The water was still super muddy from Sandy, remanence of her furry littered the sidewalks and street corners. So no fish pictures from Jersey, but it was fun none the less.

Thank you Chris and Kyle for your photos!!!

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