Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Salmon River Weekend

This past weekend I had the pleasure of fishing with Bart and Mark, two fishing buddies that met in college. Bart and Mark, are both very good TCO customers, who have been making the trip north to the Salmon River for over 15 years, despite all those years of fishing between the two of them they have only floated the river once. Thats where I come in, I floated them from Altmar to Pineville for a half day float. The fishing was spotty, but we managed to get into a 5 fish, only landing 1, but either way it was an awesome morning. The fish took a wide variety of flies, from eggs to stoneflies.

Down river in the DSR, Tony and Chris were wading around looking for a couple fresh steelhead, so after my trip was over I dropped the boat off and meet up with them for lunch and stories of the morning. Tony landed a nice chromer just before I got there, the fishing pressure was high, but after lunch we managed to find some open space down below. For the rest of the evening we had awesome action, including a fish that took Tony about 150 yards down stream to land. Same program as up river, the fish were eating lots of different stuff; Thumpin Jack Flash Stones, Hot Beadhead Prince and PTs, Sucker Spawn, and, eggs.

Thank you Tony and Chris for your awesome photos!!!

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