Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brad Bohen, Kelly Galloup, and Mossy Creek

I was invited down to Mossy Creek Fly Shop this past weekend, to meet Brad Bohen, and Kelly Galloup. They were both down there doing a tying lesson, and presentations, so Brian and Colby the owners asked if I wanted to come down, this was after we talked for 10 minutes and they realized how much I loved chucking over-sized flies. So after watching, learning, and meeting the 2 celebrities, we drank a couple beers, we supported our local shop, purchasing something I really needed, yet another hat.

Brad Bohen's Musky Fly. Awesome color combo

Brian was kind enough to put us on some private water on Mossy Creek, thank buddy. We got geared up with green grass and temps in the upper 30's, by the time we were geared up and fishing the second hole, there was an inch of snow on the ground. Three hours later we had one fish to hand and 3 others that were smarter than us. We stripped streamers till we couldn't see anymore, and headed back north, out of the snow, not very often do you hear that phrase.

Nice Mossy Creek Brown Trout
Headbanger Sculpin right where it should be
 Naturally, after you watch rad Bohen tie a musky fly, its only right that you go right home and sit down at the vise. So I did :)

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