Friday, March 22, 2013

Three Days on the Tully

Monday marked the beginning of my guide season, after the call to my client, letting him know its going to be crappy weather. Snow and freezing rain was in the forecast for the day, but we decided to gamble and won. It was cold, yup, but we managed fish all morning, and no snow or rain until the afternoon. Fish were eating caddis larvas, midges, and wooly buggers.

Tuesday and Wednesday, my little sister came up for 2 days of fishing. She is a regular fishing lady with a spin rod, but for Christmas, she was given a fly rod, by me that is. So we headed over to the Tully Tuesday night, it was nothing but awesome. Caddis Larvas and zebra midges worked all night long. Then Wednesday morning we were joined by Casey before work, it was another awesome morning.

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