Thursday, May 16, 2013

Featured Fly - GZ Pupa

The GZ Pupa, is a spin off of the Z Wing Caddis Pupa, but it has a few more realistic features. Last year, I started studying the caddis pupa a bit more than I would like to admit, but either way, ive tied a bunch of these and tested them the past 2 seasons, and they seem to do the trick.

Hook: TMC 2457 sz. 14 - 18 
Bead: Killer Caddis Bead 
Abdomen: Life Cycle Dubbing - Bright Green
Rib: Copper Ultra Wire (sized to match hook)
Back: 3 or 4 Peacock Herls
Wing: Lemon Wood Duck feather
Wing 2: White or Gray Antron yarn
Wing 3: Holo Flash - Black
Head: SLF Dubbing

Step 1: Slid Bead on.

Step 2: Make a thread base, tying in the gold wire.

Step: 3 Tie in peacock hearls.

Step 4: Dub the body, leave about a space about the size of the bead free.

Step 5: Pull the peacock forward and tie off.

Step 6: Rib the body, securing the peacock down. 

Step 7: Tie in the Holo flash, making a side wing on each side.

Step 8: Tie in 3 or 4 wood duck fibers.

Step 9: Tie in the antron, flaring it out each side.

Step 10: Dub the hea

 Step 11: Whip Finish.


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