Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wild Trout

There is something to be said about an animal that is born and raised in the wild, their outlook on life, their predatory instinct, survival instincts, it just amazes me every time I get to experience it. Trout have to be one of the coolest creatures swimming, when you hold a wild fish, being from a small mountain stream only pushing 4" long or the 20" plus from Montana, each fish holds a story, no fish looking the same.

This past week I mad another trip up to the Delaware river with my lady friend, conditions where tough,   Wind gusts of 30 plus mph, high sun and low water, but the fish were still ready to eat. Mid day between the gusts of wind we found fish rising to just about everything, drakes, hendros, olives, sulphurs, and caddis. We watched fish rise waiting for the chance to make one cast, half the time our flies would just get blown all over the river. We managed a couple fish, and it ended up a good day. 

Then mid week Casey and I headed to a small stream outside of Reading, where yet again, I was amazed at these wild fish, and the size of a couple of them. They are just relentless, a 6 inch fish with the heart of a 20 inched, it will give any 3wt rod a run for its money.

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