Friday, May 31, 2013

Featured Fly - Split Back Nymph

Here is a fly, that I first heard about last year on the Delaware while asking George what he had been fishing all morning. Then again in Montana when our guide gave us a couple "go to" flies for the season. So I decided to tie a couple up a few weeks ago, and give them a try once the Sulphurs started, yup best decision Ive made this year. Anyway, it is an awesome fly, and really isn't that hard to tie.

Hook: TMC 3761 sz. 12 - 18
Bead: Size to match Hook - Black or Copper 
Tail: CDL Tail
Rib: Ultra Wire - Small
Abdomen:  Pheasant Tail - Natural 
Wing Case: Scud Back - Black
Under Wing: Thin Fly Foam - Yellow
Thorax: SLF - Nymph Thorax
Legs: Partridge Feathers 

Step 1: Make a thread base, tying in the ultra wire as you go back.

 Step 2: Tie in about 8 CDL Fibers for the tail. Cut off extra, leaving the thread a the hook bend.

 Step 3: Tie in 4 pheasant tail fibers.

 Step 4: Wrap pheasant tail forward, leaving about a third of the hook empty.

 Step 5: Wrap the wire forward, securing the pheasant tail.

 Step 6: Cut a diamond out of the scud back.

Step 7:  Tie in the scud back, tying it right to the start of the diamond.

Step 8: Tie in the foam.

Step 9: Dub the thorax.

Step 10: Pull the foam forward, pull it tight, trying not to break the foam.

 Step 11: Pull the scud back forward, centering the split over the foam.

Step 12: Once you have it tied off, take a partridge feather, and split to make legs. 

Step 13:  Whip Finish and Cut off.

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