Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Calm Between the Two

Sunday couldn't have been a nicer day, with a passing storm 2 days before and a huge storm on the way. So when my alarm went off at 4am, I was out of bed and backing my bag and cooler, just thinking about what was to come. Steve, Casey, and I were on our way to the Little J, we had 3 boats in tow, one that may or may not have been put together the night before while drinking a couple beers. Hope it floats, anyway enough about us getting there, on to the fishing.

We fished all day, weather was great, sunny with clouds and a nice breeze. Fishing was great too, not a lot of big fish, but fish were eating all day. We didn't have much dry fly action until later that evening, nymphing was the primary tactic, but I had a 6wt with a sinking line on the boat too. Frenchies, Splitbacks, Pts, and just about anything that looked like a caddis. Some fast food, a couple half awake conversations, and almost 24 hours later, we made it home.

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