Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Socks and Flip Flops

Just about every fishing trip you go on, has the same result, a good story to tell. This one was no different, it started with a 3am wake up, a 3.5 hour drive across the state, then jumping in the car with my buddy Corey for another 1.5 hour drive to get to the river. Yup that was the start, then a little shimmy and shake, and Todd, Corey and I were floating down a sweet river filled with Pike, Musky, and Smallmouth. It was only 95 degrees out with zero cloud cover, so it was quite enjoyable (sarcasm). But we were fishing for 2 of my favorite fish, and one I had never tangled with yet. So I would be happy with anything.

After 2 hours of nothing but a follow, we were hanging on the bank drinking gallons of water, when all the sudden the bank exploded. Todd made 2 casts, about 2 minutes later a 28-30 inch pike was getting its picture taken with Todd. It was awesome, It was another hour or so when Corey was hollering from the back of the boat with a nice smallie, thought it didnt have sharp teeth, it was still any awesome fish. Then a while later, along a muddy bank, I made a cast, one strip and my fly disappeared, first pike on the fly, it was a photo shoot in the boat after that.

2 more pike were hungry for our flies, but no love for us. Well sorry Corey, I wasn't going to tell this part but... I was striping my fly along this giant root ball,well  a nice sized pike was not having it, it charged out and swiped at my fly, it missed. "Corey Get him!" "You sure?" "Yup". Corey makes a nice cast, underwater explosion, fly disappears, Corey thinks about it, Hook set, nothing. "COREY!!!" Todd and I scream. No fish.

But it was an awesome trip, probably the most fun Ive had in a long time on the water.

Oh yeah, and whats more exciting, than Todd standing on a down tree in the middle of the river with a chainsaw... Not much!

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