Thursday, June 27, 2013

Featured Fly - SB Baitfish

Well, I think its safe to say, the last featured fly will be the last trout fly for a while. Its bass time, bait fish and sculpin are running through my head. This new one, is a bait fish that I brewed up, taking the back half from my favorite bass fly the zuddler minnow. The front half was just put together to move a little water and drop quick in faster water. It will make its way to the river this weekend, hopefully, ill have a picture of it hanging out of a basses mouth to add to the post.

Hook: TMC 8089 sz. 10 - 8
Eyes: Lead Eyes - Fl. Chart 
Tail: Rabbit Zonker - Olive, White, Brown
Body: Ice Dub - Golden Brown
Collar: Mallard Flank - Red or Orange 
Head: Senyo's Laser Dub - Olive, White, Brown, Yellow 

Step 1: Tie on the lead eyes, about 2 hook eyes behind the hook eye.

Step 2: Tie in the rabbit, right at the bend of the hook.

Step 3: Dub the body, right to the back of the eyes.

 Step 4: Bring the rabbit forward, Tie in and cut off right behind the eyes.

Step 5: Tie in a small mallard flank, make 2 or 3 wraps.

Step 6: Tie in 2 rubber legs behind the hook eye.

Step 7: Tie in a clump of Laser dub.

Step 8: Tie in a clump of Laser dub.

Step 9: Tie in a clump of Laser dub.

Step 10: Tie in a clump of Laser dub.

Step 11: Tie in a clump of Laser dub.

Step 12: Trim the laser dub, forming a head.

Step 13: Trim the top, forming a head, whip finish and cut thread.

Finished Fly:

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