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Calendar of Events - TCO Reading

We have been busy planning a few fall and winter events. Below you will see dates, times, and costs of the events. But first I want to talk about the first event coming up, October 5th we will be having our second TCO Movie night to raise money for the Tully Fingerling Program. Last year we had plans to stock them the weekend Sandy hit, high water, turning into cold water, made us postpone the stocking. This year we will be stocking 1500 fingerlings on the 14th of October. We will plan on doing this each year for as long as we can. We will be having Frank "Chip" Swarner Tying flies at the shop all day, and throughout the event. Every fly he ties that day will go into a box and be raffled off to support the program. Just like last year, we will have a silent auction, including a 1/2 day guide trip with me, Chip's flies, and a few other products, and a raffle at the end of the event. We will have a local micro brew supplying beer, Pizza, and other drinks. Oh yeah and the movie, Low and Clear a steelhead video from BC, with some Colorado Trout, and Texas Redfish, an awesome video with great footage, and fish. So come out and support your local fly shop, and help us put fingerlings back in the stream we all love!!!

Calendar of Events
October 5th: Movie Night 
Movie -  Low and Clear
Beer – Working with a local brew company – saucony creek or Appalachian 
Start Time – 5pm
Movie Start Time – Dark 
October 5th: Frank “Chip” Swarner Fly Tying 

Time -  All Day 

Tying Salmon and Steelhead Flies

Details – Chip will be donating the flies he ties that day to the raffle, Stop by throughout the day, and check out Chip’s talents with tying steelhead flies. Pick is brain about his extensive knowledge of these fish and the waters around the Great Lakes where he fishes.

October 9th: Fly Tying with Casey 65.00 per person
Time 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Lake Erie Basics

Details – Casey has been fishing and tying flies for Lake Erie steelhead for over 10 years now. He knows the ins and outs of size, color, and style fly to tie for Erie success. He will be teaching how to tie some of his go to flies, from eggs to small nymphs that will work any given time you go up.

October 12th: Fly Tying with Frank Chip Swarner 65.00 per person 

Time: Noon 

Steelhead and Salmon Beginner Class 

Want to learn how to tie steelhead flies? Chip will be going over the basics for steelhead fly tying, types of hooks, materials, and of course tying them. You will learn how to tie stoneflies, Eggs, and everything in between. Get yourself ready for the fall, learn skills that will help you fill that steelhead box for any Great Lakes Trip you have planned for the season. 

October 23: Fly Tying with Jake – 65.00 per person 

Steelhead Tube Flies

Time: 6:00 Pm 

Details – Join Jake for a fly tying lesson, learning one of his favorite types of flies to tie. Tube Flies have been around for a while now, and there is so much to learn about tying on them. Jake had been tying tubes for steelhead, trout, and bass for some time now, check out these awesome flies, and learn the technology behind them.

November 6th Fly Tying with Jake – 65.00 per person 

Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm

Stoneflies and other Natural flies for Steelhead

The creator of the Thumpin Jack Flash Stonefly, Jake is borderline obsessed with tying stonefly nymphs for great lakes steelhead and browns. Come learn how to tie “guide simple” stones, to more complex stones. Jake has almost 10 years of steelhead experience from Alaska to New York, and one thing has stayed the same, he’s always loaded up with stoneflies. 

November 13th:  Fly Tying with Casey 65.00 per person

Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm

Lake Erie Streamers

Now that you have the nymphs down, come check out some of Casey’s go to streamers for Lake Erie steelhead. Size is everything out there when the water is low and clear, pick Casey’s brain about his years of experience walking the banks of Elk and many other Erie streams, while he teaches you his favorite streamers.

November 16th Fly Tying with Chip 65.00 per person

Time: Noon 

Intermediate Steelhead and Salmon Class

Ok, now that you have the basics down, sign up to take the next step in fly tying for steelhead and salmon. Chip will be teaching the fine art of streamer tying for the great lakes. You will learn skills like, tying in a shank with stinger hook, and tying on a hook directly. Chip has been swinging and striping flies for great lakes fish for over a decade, so while he is teaching pick his brain on, anything great lakes. 

December 14th: Tropical Movie Night 

Time: 5:00 pm

Are you ready for it to warm up yet? Well if you are, take a break from tying your steelhead flies, come grab a beer, some pizza, and relax while we show a movie “not sure yet” to warm your thoughts up. Enjoy a 10% off coupon for your next purchase at TCO for the holiday season. We will have fly tying demos, Holiday gift ideas, food, and drinks. So Stop out and say hi and enjoy a nice evening at your local fly shop.

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