Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Smallmouth

Eric Snyder from Maryland came up yesterday for a full day float. Eric is a repeat client from last year, and a commercial fly tier, he specializes in foam topwater bugs. TCO has carried a few of his patterns in the past, and will be carrying more next year.

Ok back to the fishing, the water was the lowest I've seen all year, it was a bit sunny out, and gin clear. Despite the odds, Eric fished hard all day, good things come to those who wait. We ended up landing one of the biggest bass of the year, had a musky follow a huge crayfish, and saw at least 4 other musky in one hole. As the sun went down, the fish got a bit more active and we managed a couple more fish. The water is cooling off nicely, hopefully with this next storm rolling in, we will get some water, and the fall feed will be on. I also got some awesome shots of crayfish yesterday, and a couple darters (little baitfish), anyone that tells you there are no crayfish in the Schuylkill are dead wrong, I counted over 50 right at the launch, then at least that many, when we stopped for lunch.

Hot Flies: Crayfish, Zuddlers, and Mice

Here are a couple examples of Eric's work:

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