Friday, September 27, 2013

Fishing Report - Late September

Well, its been a while since I wrote a Tully report, the Schuylkill took the front seat throughout the summer. So here we go, Casey and Kyle went out Friday morning, it was a tough morning of nymphing, only a couple fish landed. They covered a decent amount of water, zebra midges, lighting bugs, and BWO nymphs, were the ticket.

I went out Sunday evening to find a nice selection of bugs flying around. White Flies, BWOs, tiny sulphurs, Caddis, and Cream midges. I only had a short time to fish, that was all I needed. I took fish on size 20 CDC BWO patterns. The water is low and clear, so light tippet is a must have.

Tully Nymph selection for the fall
Tully Dry Fly Selection for the fall
Schuylkill on the other hand, well I try to keep everyone up to date weekly. Last weeks rain storm brought levels up for about 24 hours. Then it plummeted back down to, super low and clear. The fishing has been slow, but we have moved a few super nice fish despite the levels. So pray for a couple more storms and the bass will be on. Water temps are dropping, mid day to evening is the best time to get out, with the cooler temps the bass are putting their feed bags on, getting ready for the winter. Zuddler minnows in olive still prove to be my favorite fly of the season, and last season, and the season before that, pattern hmm, I think not.

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