Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Featured Fly - Egg Carrying Sculpin

Here is a sweet streamer I designed for steelhead, smallmouth, and trout. It is a simple pattern to tie, and holds its profile nicely in the water. I haven't had a chance to test it out of steelhead yet, but the bass and trout around here seem to enjoy it, or maybe hate it, but they eat it!

Hook: Daiichi 2553 - 4
Shank: Fish Skull 35mm
Eyes:  Tungsten Predator Eyes - Small
Tail: Rabbit Strip -  Olive 
Body: Estaz - Olive 
Collar 1: UV Polar Chenille
Collar 2: Guinea - Olive
Fins: Hen Neck Feathers - Olive 
Head: Laser Dub - Olive  

Step 1: Tie on the stinger hook and bead.

Step 2: Tie on the eyes, right behind the hook eye.

Step 3: Tie in the rabbit strip. Measure the length of buddy to the tip of the stinger hook. 

 Step 4: Tie in the estaz, at the same point as the bunny.

Step 5: Wrap estaz, tying it off eight behind the eyes.

 Step 6: Tie in the polar chenille.

 Step 7:  Make 2 wraps of the polar chenille, then tie off.

Step 8: Tie in the Guinea.

Step 9: Wrap the guinea, then tie off.

Step 10: Tie in the hen saddle feathers for the fins.

Step 11: Bring rabbit forward, tie off in front of the eyes.

Step 12:  Center tie on the Laser Dub.

Step 13: Tie in laser dub, one clump in the center, and one on each side.

Step 14: Tie one more clump of laser dub in the center of the head.

Step 14:  Trim the head making it flat and wide.

Step 15: Whip finish.

Finished Fly:

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  1. great fly Jake, Thank you for the offering of goodness on a hook.