Thursday, October 31, 2013

Featured Fly - GS Steelie PT

Keeping with my tying motto lately, "Guide Simple", the Steelie PT is a perfect fly. It is nothing ground breaking, or super flashy, but it has just enough to get a steelhead's attention. The color combinations are endless, and it is a fun fly to tie. I found that size 8 is a great size for this guy, 10s will also work. It doesn't have to be just a steelhead fly either, use it as a point fly while nymphing, or trailer it behind a streamer, trout will eat it too!

Hook: TMC 2457 sz. 12-8
Thread: Uni Thread 6/0 - Fl. Fire Orange 
Rib:  Holo Tinsel - Gold 
Tail: Pheasant Tail -  Purple 
Abdomen: Pheasant Tail - Purple 
Thorax:  Petite Estaz - Brown 
Wing Case: Pheasant Tail - Purple

Step 1: Slide bead on.

Step 2: Make a thread base, tying in the Holo Tinsel as you go back.

Step 3: Tie in the Pheasant Tail, then take your thread back to the top.

 Step 4: Wrap the Pheasant Tail forward. Leaving enough space for 3 wraps of Estaz.

Step 5: Wrap the Tinsel forward making a rib.

Step 6: Tie in about 10 tail fibers, to make the wing case.

Step 7: Tie in the Estaz.

Step 8: Wrap the Estaz 3 times making the thorax.

Step 9: Fold the PT Fibers forward and tie off.


Step 10: Make a small "hot" collar with thread, Whip Finish, and cut off.

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