Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Big Spring - One More Trip

Sunday was the last day of fishing for me, before the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset. Jack and I decided to head back to Big Spring to chase the big ones again. This time we took a buddy along with us, Rob is an old client turned friend, who has always wanted to fish the spring creeks around Harrisburg. So the call went out and he was in the truck with us, headed down at 6:30 Sunday morning. It was much colder this weekend, for the first couple hours we battled frozen fingers and iced up guides. But, all this was forgotten when Rob caught a sweet brook trout, Jack landed a fat rainbow, and I had a sick brook crush a streamer. Then if that wasn't good enough, fish started rising to Midges and Olives, Dry Fly fishing in January? YUP we will also take that!!!!

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