Thursday, January 16, 2014

Featured Fly - Hot Butt Something or Another

Ok, so this isn't the fly I talked about from my last post, that one will be next. This one was inspired by my last couple days chasing wild browns, with my buddy and coworker Aaron, the assistant manager from our State College store. He had this awesome little, Hot butt pheasant tail that he was crushing fish  with, so I went home and thought up this little guy.

Hook: TMC 2499 SPBL or 2488
Thread: UNI Thread - Fl. Fire Orange 
Bead: Tungsten Bomb Bead - Gold 
Tail: Partridge Feathers - Natural 
Rib: Ultra Wire -  Gold
Hot Butt: Ice Dub - Shrimp Pink 
Body: Goose Biot - Brown 
Thorax: SLF Squirrel Dubbing - Drk Brown 
Hot Collar: UNI Thread - Fl. Fire Orange 

Step 1: Make a thread base, tying in your ultra wire as you go back.

Step 2: Tie in the partridge fibers for the tail. I cut the tip of the feather off, making a "V", then bunch   together and tie in.

Step 3: Grab a small amount of ice dub, and make 2 wraps with it.

Step 4: Tie in the goose biot, wrap thread forward.

Step 5: Using Hackle Pliers, wrap the biot forward.

Step 6: Wrap the ultra wire forward, securing the biot down.

Step 7: Dub the Thorax.

Step 8: Make several whip finishes, this will form the "hot collar".

Finished Fly:

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