Sunday, January 12, 2014

One of My Favorites

I find myself saying that every time I describe Big Spring to anyone. This trip however, was the second choice, but with the Salmon River running at 1900 cfs, Jack and I decided to stay local. What better way to spend the day, than staring at huge wild trout, that wont eat? Can't say there is a better way, but Jack and I made it worth the trip, my next featured fly (coming soon) is stuck in the mouth of 2 monster rainbows. I managed a couple nice fish, mostly Brooke trout, which was awesome, and one nice rainbow. Jack, had a sportsman's release of a beautiful Rainbow, and then decided to feed a small (like 2 inches tops small) Brooke trout, to a hungry bigger Brooke trout. HAHA, it was crazy!

Can You Find Them?

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