Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mudslide Musky Fishing

We were off on an adventure, to find a hungry musky; we found all of that and more. Emerson and Joe hopped on the boat with 10wts and nothing smaller than a 3/0 hook. Water was up and muddy, but a friend of mine sent me a text with no words, just this picture, so off we went with high hopes.

One thing I love about musky fishing is when an aggressive smallie decides to munch on a musky fly. The spring is a great time for this, because these fish are going into spawn mode and can be extra aggressive. Even when fishing with 10wts these fish can double the rod over! We have no pictures of the musky from this trip; however we do have one hell of a story. We did hook a very hot fish about 8 hours into the trip, this thing erupted out from under the boat and crushed Joe's fly. Now the one thing I'm not telling you, Joe wasn't even stripping the fly, it was just hanging in the water as we rowed over to the bank to get a fly out of the tree (Emerson's Fly). I stopped rowing to slide slowly toward the bank, when BOOM, Musky out of the water and fly in the mouth. We fought it for about a minute, had an air show twice before it spit the hook! Freaking Awesome, we were all shaking after that!

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