Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tully Report - It's Spring

Judging by the weather yesterday, mixed with the 10 day forecast, I'd say we about skipped spring and went right to summer. They are calling for high 70's to mid 80s over the next few days, the only good thing I can come up with is, Caddis and warmer water. Fishing yesterday in cold, muddy, and high water, was relatively productive.

Shane (the new guy), Rob and I hit the Tully for a couple hours before work, the water was still high, but wadable, and the water was a bit on the muddy side. Despite all that, fish were rising in the soft water along the banks, and in slower seams where two currents came together. There were tan and grey caddis flying around, and I even saw a couple dropping eggs. So with this HOT not warm weather coming, this should be the perfect jumpstart to an awesome caddis hatch!

HOT FLIES: Caddis Larva, Z Wing Caddis, San Juans, and White Streamers

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