Friday, July 11, 2014

Featured Fly - Glass Butt Trico Spinner

Ok, so because I was so bad with the featured flies last month, I am going to try to over load you this month. Fishing and Tying has taken a back seat to life the past month or so, but its smallmouth and trico season, so let the fishing and tying begin! This is a simple fly that was shown to me by Wes years ago, it has be tested and proven. So I wanted to share it with everyone, Enjoy.

Hook: TMC 2488 sz 20-28
Thread: UNI Thread 8/0 - Black 
Flash Butt:  Pearl Tinsel - Small
Wing: Poly Floating Yarn - Lt Grey, White, or Med Grey
Thorax: Superfine or Antron - Black 

Step 1: Make a tight thread base, tying in the tinsel as you go back. 

Step 2: Keeping the wraps tight, bring the thread forward about 3/4 of the hook shank.

Step 3: Wrap the tinsel forward, keeping the wraps tight. Tie off and cut excess.

Step 4: Take a small piece of poly yearn, and tie it in, you can trim to size once they it is secure.

Step 5: Dub the thorax, you do no need a lot of dubbing for this.

Step 6: Whip finish and cut thread.

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