Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fishing Reports - Schuylkill & Tully

Wow, what happened to July, it's August already. The fishing is just starting to pick up on the Schuylkill, now that we finally have good water conditions. I have been out a few times so far, but the next three months are full of trips. Casey had a trip the other morning and they put a monster in the boat with a lot of medium sizes ones. The yearlings are eating well, so look for lots of fish in the 10-12" range. The later we get into the season, the larger they will get.

Tully fishing has been awesome, tricos are all over the place and they are still eating flying ants. Look at the water temps before heading out, and if you do go out try to be off the water by noon. After that you run the risk of killing fish because of High water temps. Spent wing caddis have also been a sure thing mixed in with trico spinners.

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