Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tully - Hot but Cold

Makes no sense does it? The water coming out of the Dam is reading 72 degrees, however if you choose your location wisely, you can still fish the Tully with water temps in the Low 60s. I was a little worried this past weekend walking into the water for a full day trip. The first thing I did was take the temp at the water works at 5:15am, it was reading 68 degrees, a little worm, but not too hot. So we fished there until about 9am then headed down stream to in search of colder water. We found it at the road to no-where, 66 degrees and fish were very active, then up to the paper mill to fish the confluence of the Cacoosing, 59 degrees. Every fish we hooked was very active and put up an awesome fight. Moral of the story, please check the water temps throughout the day and try to move around till you find cooler water. Have fun and thank you for caring about our fish. 


  1. What kind of camera did you use for the underwater shots?
    Water at Paper Mill is always cold

  2. yes it sure is always cold! Olympus stylus tough