Friday, September 26, 2014

Schuylkill River mixed with Salmon River

Five days, two states, and I'm still tired. The week started off with a couple awesome bass trips, and ended with two days in New York on the Salmon River. It is fall, and the smallmouth are putting their feed bags on, with the water low and clear, this is the perfect time to sight fish to monster bass. The only problem with watching a big fish eat your fly, is when you jump the gun and pull the fly right back out of its mouth. This happens all the time, but nothing gets me more jacked up then, watching a 16 inch plus smallmouth suck down your fly sitting on the bottom. So when you connect and that fish goes ballistic, you may find me dancing in the middle of the boat.  

So, its the end of September, and the Salmon River should be filled with fresh King Salmon, and the added bonus, steelhead. After two days of pounding the water, and teaching four new fly anglers the art of casting a switch rod. All we had to show for it was two baby steelhead, a broken leader (from a salmon), and a bunch of empty beer cans. The one good thing about all that, it equals four smiling clients that just had the time of their life floating down the river, fishing for salmon and steelhead.

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