Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Featured Fly - Ghost Minnow

This is a variation of one of my favorite smallmouth flies, the zuddler minnow. It i the completely white version with a few twists.

Hook: TMC 5263 - 4
Conehead: Conehead - Lrg. - Pearl White 
Body: Pearl Braid - Pearl
Rib: Schlappen Feather - White 
Tail: Rabbit Zonker - White 
Legs: Sili Legs - Pearl with Orange Tips
Collar: Schlappen Feathers - White 

1. Add about 15 wraps of .025 lead
2. Tie in the rabbit zonker just before the hook bend
3. Tie in the Pearl Braid
4. Tie in the Schlappen Feather tip first
5. Wrap the Pearl Braid forward, leaving a small space behind the Cone
6. Palmer the Schalppen Forward
7. Pull the Zonker forward an tie off right behind the Cone
8. Tie in 4 legs on each side, making them half the length of the body
9. Wrap a collar of schlappen in front of the rabbit

Finished Fly - Ghost Minnow - Smallmouth Bass Fly

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