Friday, July 31, 2015

Four Days on the River

I'm not going to bore you with all the small details, but the smallies are biting. I had Jim and two of is buddies on the boat this past Sunday and Monday. We fished the Schuylkill on Sunday and the yearlings were hungry, I'm not sure how many fish we caught but it was a lot. Nothing over 13 inches though. Then we headed to the Juniata River, the water was a perfect level and we had cloud cover most of the day. All the fish we landed were eating frog poppers!

Now this next trip was a trip of epic proportions, it was my first over night guide trip camping on an island. John and Rob accompanied me on the journey. We fished all day Wednesday and then camped on an island at the half way point, then fished all day Thursday. It was hot so the guys decided to jump in a few times each day to cool off. The water was low with high sun both days, but we worked hard and it paid off. We had decent action both days, hooking a couple big fish, but only landing the mid range fish. That is until over half way through the second day, when they each caught their personal best smallies .

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